Timmy O'Hallahan is one of the top eight Wiz-World Industry executives. He first appears in Saving WizTech Part One. So far in the series he has only made one appearance in the Wizards of Waverly Place. He has not been seen with magic or a wand.

Timmy is portrayed by Noah Munck.

Saving WizTechEdit

In the episode Saving WizTech Part One, he made an offer to Justin Russo to offer to clean the plastic balls from WizTech. He offered to do this if the school put up "some" advertisements in WizTech and play in the plastic balls prior to removal.


Timmy has the average personality for people his age. He has a childish personality, shown when he played in the plastic balls with the other Wiz-World executives in Saving WizTech Part One. He also sneaky and deceitful in the business world when he tricked Justin Russo from allowing some advertisements for WizTech and ended up filling all of WizTech with advertisements and classes in advertising like Sign Wearing 101.