Gibby Gibson Tribute

Gibby Gibson Tribute


Orenthal Cornelius "Gibby" Gibson is a friend of Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, and Spencer Shay, the son of Charlotte Gibson and the older brother of Guppy. He used to be known for dramatically and for no apparent reason taking his shirt off. He is often described by Sam as a "nerd" and is a recurring victim of her bullying. Although he is frequently pushed around, it's been shown that he can handle himself in a fight. He is portrayed by Noah Munck.


  • Gibby gets service at any store in Seattle, even without a shirt or shoes.
  • A school in Texas uses Gibby as their mascot. They're called the "Fighting Gibsters."
  • The President has Gibby on speed dial. Gibby sometimes doesn't answer.
  • Gibby already has next year's Pear Phone.
  • Lettuce tastes better when Gibby washes it.
  • Gibby isn't Team Edward or Team Jacob. He's Team Gibby!
  • When Gibby eats at a restaurant, the waiter tips him 25%.
  • Spring doesn't start until Gibby sees his shadow.
  • Gibby has floor seats at Lakers games, but lets Jack Nicholson use them occasionally.
  • These are the other things Gibby doesn't know that are mentioned on the show.

Stuff Gibby recently learned according to a recent blogEdit

  • That there is still a REAL Queen of England. He thinks they just let really old people to be prom queens over there.
  • That Carly's dad doesn't live with her and Spencer. He said he swears that he had breakfast with Col. Shay last Wednesday and that they had omelets.
  • That fish do not need to be bathed in the kitchen sink or that they're super slippery -- Poor "Mr. Gill" fell down the drain and now lives in the Seattle sewer system.
  • Gibby doesn't think that dinosaurs, in his words, "actually happened." He thinks they were invented by Hollywood 'cuz they make action movies and cartoons good.
  • Gibby's also never heard of Daylight Savings Time. Now we know why Gibby is ALWAYS an hour late for half of the year.
  • Gibby thinks that if you "buy" a star, it should be delivered to your house. When we told him all you get is a certificate saying you own it, he said, "That's a giant rip-off."
  • Gibby can be stingy. He thinks that bicycles on the side of the road are free. Kinda like "Take a penny, leave a penny," except he never leaves a bike in return.
  • When asked what was the capital of the state of New York, Gibby said, "New Jersey."
    • Gibby thinks the NORTH Pole is SOUTH of us.
    • Gibby is pretty sure that "mesquite" barbecue sauce is made out of mosquitos.
    • Gibby thinks all ladybugs are female. If that were true Gibby -- how do ladybugs have baby bugs??
    • Last week, Gibby literally asked me, "Where can I get extra long pantses?" He thinks "pantses" is plural for "pants."
    • Gibby once asked what corn was made out of. My reply: "Corn, Gibby. Corn is made out of corn."
    • Gibby thinks mice are responsible for making all the holes in Swiss cheese.
    • Gibby wants to live in England because he thinks everyone there is required to go to "Wizard School" for at least one year.
    • He thinks the European Union is just a clothing company.
    • He says time travel is REAL, it's just very expensive -- like going to space.
    • Gibby thinks cavities are contagious -- that's why he refuses to kiss Tasha until she goes to the dentist.
    • Gibby thinks that Canada isn't another country and he thinks that it's like Idaho according to iToe Fat Cakes.
    • He also thinks that Carly's dad is Spencer until iWon't Cancel The Show, he still thinks about that in iMeet the First Lady.
    • He thought that Sam lost weight in iToe Fat Cakes.
    • He thinks the first U.S. President is Abraham Franklin in iToe Fat Cakes.
    • Gibby thinks that the show begins in one hour in iBalls.
    • Gibby thought there are no yellow foods in iParty with Victorious. They mentioned: Butter, Bananas, Lemons, Squash, Yellow Peppers.

Things that make Gibby sad according to this videoEdit

  • Sick hamsters
    • Macaroni without cheese
    • Dirty babies
    • Birds without mothers
    • People born on March 14th                                                           
      ICarly Gibby Marries Baggles!

      ICarly Gibby Marries Baggles!

    • Paprika
    • Khloe Kardashian
    • Boys with girly names
    • Social workers
    • Some forms of bacteria
    • People who still don't get the magic of Justin Bieber
    • Power tools
    • Bread crumbs
    • Bread crusts
    • People who are convinced that they can't have gluten
    • The national bird of Turkey is the redwing...not the turkey! How'd they mess that one up?!?
    • England's money is called the pound... but doesn't actually weigh a pound. West Virginia is a real state. (I'm kind of disappointed that they couldn't come up with a new name for their state. Virginia is NOT for the creative apparently.)
    • The world wasn't really black and white in the 1950s!
    • Modern day pirates don't have parrots and peg legs. They mostly just have bad skin and expensive computers in their parents' basements.
    • That cotton candy is not just edible cotton.
    • That vampires don't show up in photographs. I wonder how many of my old photos have vampires in 'em and I couldn't even tell!
    • That your nose never stops growing. If I live to be 300, my nose will look like this:
  • Gibby's first appearance was in the iCarly episode, iDream of Dance.
  • According to Carly, Gibby has a therapist.
  • Gibby's voice has noticeably become deeper in Season 4, and much deeper in Season 5.
  • Gibby is the only main character who has not shared a kiss with anyone on-screen.
  • Gibby has not been seen shirtless at all in Season 4, although he lifts it up a bit in iHire An Idiot. Gibby addresses this directly in iToe Fat Cakes, where he says to a fan that he doesn't take his shirt off anymore.
  • Gibby is "thick," according to Carly.
  • Gibby became a main character in Season 4.
  • It was revealed in iWin a Date that Gibby's middle name is Cornelius.
  • When nervous, Gibby likes to draw on fruit.
  • Gibby does not like bar soap, and prefers liquid soap.
  • He frequently gets kicked out of Build-A-Bra.
  • The gang often shout his name at him disapprovingly when he says something stupid.
  • Someone is driving a car with an "iHEART Gibby" license plate, Dan took pic (May 17, 2011) in his tweet.[2]
  • Gibby has a little brother named Guppy, and ever since iPsycho, he is seen telling Gibby "Happy Birthday."
  • He has sung four times (as yet) in the series. First in iRocked the Vote, second in iParty with Victorious, third in iCan't Take It, and fourth, as Harry Styles's would-be replacement in iGo One Direction.
  • It was implied in iParty with Victorious that Gibby may be bisexual.
  • He was known as Roger Mole in iParty with Victorious.
  • In iPity The Nevel, Gibby's were-wolf form resembles the Marvel Comics character Wolverine.
  • According, after the events of iMight Switch Schools Carly told Gibby about her iGibby dream and he made his own web show on SplashFace. It was apparently so bad that SplashFace deleted the video and banned Gibby.
  • He also "made friends with a live duck" in the new season.
  • Gibby is the only character who is older than his actor, in this case Noah Munck.
  • It was revealed in iStill Psycho that Gibby's real first name is Orenthal. That the name is spelled Orenthal and not Warenthal has been confirmed in this tweet.
  • Gibby's last name "Gibson" was also the last name of a character from one of Dan's other shows "What I Like About You."
  • Gibby does a stand-up comedy routine for little girls and Spencer in this iCarly video.        
    Whats Gibby Thinkin About

    Whats Gibby Thinkin About

  • It was revealed in iEnrage Gibby that he owns a cat and he likes to take videos of it. In iCan't Take It, he shows Mrs. Benson a picture of him brushing the cat's teeth. In iBalls Gibby says that the cat likes to watch him bathe. It is not said, however, that these are the same cat. (Many people have multiple cats.)
  • Gibby writes a blog about card tricks, as revealed in iToe Fat Cakes.[1]
  • He has lost a lot of weight between season 3 and 4 and is no longer overweight.
  • He is Jewish (or at least his fake head is), as seen in this video.
  • Gibby opens a secret restaurant, called, appropriately enough, Gibby's, in iOpen A Restaurant.
  • Chicken Wings make him sleepy
  • He has applied for the Plantinum Music Awards by sending the video of him singing Loving You(iCan't Take It) to Mason Thornsmith
  • It is revealed in iSaved Your Life that he doesn't have cable.